Stand Guidelines & Inclusions

Shell Scheme Specifications

HEIGHT: The shell scheme will be 2480mm in overall height.

FLOOR: Venue carpet (Pattern Grey)

WALLS: The walls of the shell scheme in the general area are white PVC. Shell scheme is built using the Octanorm system.

FASCIA: The overall fascia height is 320mm and consists of a 240mm white PVC panel with 70mm aluminium trim on either end. Fascia’s will be provided for all Scheme stands. The clear height under the fascia is 2080mm. All standard fascia’s will be printed with your Company Name to a maximum of 35 letters.

SPOTLIGHTS: Spotlights on arms will be fitted to all stands on a ratio of 2 x 150 watt spotlights per 6 square metres.

PANEL SIZE: 968 wide x 2358 high / VISUAL SIZE: 950 wide x 2340 high. ATTACHING POSTERS / GRAPHICS: Double sided tape can be used no nails or screws please.

POWER: 1x 4amp Power Point included per 6 square meters.

FURNITURE: Standard furniture package as shown included, other options available upon request.

Perth Expo Hire are our official supplier for WA Mining.  For all your exhibition requirements and forms, a unique link will be emailed directly to you from the Perth Expo Hire team.  

If you have any enquiries or require a copy of your dedicated link, please contact:

Kirsty Bellman
T: 08 9475 2046 F: 08 9478 3165

Important to Note

  • All walling, upright poles, fascia frames and all fascia signage are hired items, any damage to these items will be charged back to the exhibitor.
  • Under no circumstances may exhibitor nails, screws, bolts, glue, paint and double-sided adhesive tape and velcro any article or display to the stand wall(s) which may damage the wall(s). Any damage caused to panel(s) will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • Please take note of internal dimensions if you have carpet cut to size or display units to fit into the stand. If you have any enquires please contact Perth Expo Hire or call 08 9475 2046
  • Shell Scheme stands that have a 'special' build within the confines of their stand that are over 2.5m must supply copies of the stand design including elevation drawing, layouts and materials used, assembly information and dimensions to Brad Wheeler
  • If fascia board name is not required, please choose this option on the form. Advising this onsite, will incur extra cost.
  • If you have a shell scheme package, fascia signage is included. You will need to nominate your preferred trading name to be printed following the below restrictions: 
    • Maximum 30 characters can be used
    • Words such as company, limited, brothers, etc. will be abbreviated and no punctuation will be 
    • In order to allow visitors to find you, keep your preferred trading name consistent throughout printed Exhibitor Listing, online Exhibitor Listing and fascia signage

Exhibitor Standards & Code of Conduct

Stand Operational Guidelines

  • All stands must be fully staffed, operational and exhibits displayed to visitors during the open times of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor may not undertake, or cause to be undertaken, any activity which, in the opinion of WA Mining, is likely to cause any annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. In particular, audio visual display equipment must be positioned and the sound level so adjusted as to comply with these requirements. The maximum permissible total sound level in any area of the show is 70dB (slow), measurable at a distance of 3m from the source of the sound using directional decibel meter.
  • All activities of exhibitors and their staff must be confined to the stand site allocated. No advertising or canvassing for business may take place elsewhere in the exhibition area, without prior approval from WA Mining. 
  • Unless otherwise arranged with WA Mining, all items that are required for exhibiting purposes must be delivered before the show opens or after the show closes each day.

Stand Perimeter

All display material, furniture, seating and selling aids must be kept within the perimeter of your stand. This is a WH&S requirement.

Failure to comply with this regulation may result in your stand being closed down. This refers to product being displayed in the aisle ways but also refers to exhibitors selling from the aisle. This is not only a severe safety breach but can also be detrimental to your neighboring exhibitors who could be adversely affected. So please note you are unable to locate yourself and/or your staff in the aisle ways to sell.

Exhibitor Code of Conduct

An exhibition is a professional, business event. It is essential that exhibitors uphold a high level of professional conduct at all times during the exhibition. In the interest of fairness and respect to all exhibitors and visitors, WA Mining requests the following Code of Conduct to be adhered to for the duration of the exhibition: 

  • Exhibitors must not use any surrounding aisle space to display product. This is a WH&S requirement.
  • Exhibitors must make themselves known when visiting another Exhibitor's stand and not enter without an invitation from the stand holder.
  • In the event an exhibitor is also a buyer, this must be disclosed to the stand holder.
  • At no time can an exhibitor remove material from another exhibitor's stand.
  • No photographs or video/filming are to be taken of stands or products. Exhibitors must respect the time, effort and expense taken on exhibits by their fellow exhibitors.
  • Noise levels: music, audio messages, pa system, etc on your stand must be at an acceptable level, which does not prevent your neighbouring from conducting business. The maximum permissible total sound level in any area of the show is 70dB (slow), measurable at a distance of 3m from the source of the sound using directional decibel meter.
  • Do not continue with business after the show hours. We need to ensure all visitors and exhibitors have vacated the premises to ensure general security of the exhibition. 


It is a requirement that all business is conducted on your stand.

  • Promotional staff are not allowed to walk the halls or give out any promotional material; they must remain on your stand at all times. 
  • Promotional staff must at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner and must be respectably dressed at all times.
  • Canvassing or soliciting for business by non-exhibitors or unauthorised personnel during the exhibition is strictly prohibited.
  • Promotions and stand sales must take place from the exhibiting company's space/ stand only. No hawker or pamphlet drop can be done outside of the contracted exhibiting space.
  • WA Mining reserves the right to remove any exhibitor's promotional or sales staff found canvassing from the exhibition venue.

Any exhibitors in breach of the above Code of Conduct will be addressed by WA Mining staff during the exhibition and asked to comply. Persistent refusal to adhere to the Code of Conduct may lead to the closing of an exhibitor's stand and/or the exhibitor not being permitted in future events organised by Reed Exhibitions and WA Mining.

Stand Sub-Letting

No exhibitor is allowed to sub-let or allocate space on their stand to another company without prior consent from WA Mining.

Custom Stand Rules

If you have Space Only stand or plans to modify a shell scheme you need to ask Reed Exhibitions for approval to use a Supplier/Contractor. A Supplier/Contractor is defined as any company (other than the official exhibition contractors) that an exhibitor wants to use inside the exhibition hall, before, during and after the show. 

What does Space Only Mean? 

Space Only is the term used when an exhibitor has only purchased the bare concrete floor space. Walls, signage, carpet and lighting are not provided by Reed Exhibitions. The exhibitor or their contractor will design and supply their own custom made stand.

All ‘Space Only' structures must be approved by Reed Exhibitions at least four weeks prior to the start of the move-in. Construction onsite will not be permitted without prior approval (please see below on how to gain approval).

  • Exhibitors can choose to have bare concrete floor or provide their own floor covering. To request carpet tiles, please contact the official stand build contractor. 
  • Exhibitors must provide their own walls. No use can be made of the neighbouring stand’s walls.
  • You must not use the adjoining walls in any way.
  • Walls must cover the whole perimeter of the stand; neighbouring walls must not be visible.
  • Walling along the front of a stand cannot exceed 6m in length without having a walk through. If 6m walling is used on a large stand, a look through of 3m is required. Exhibitor supplied walls must reach a minimum of 2.4m in height as this is the standard wall height for all exhibitors.
  • All lights attached to arms must be 2.7m from the exhibition floor and sit on a 45 degree angle. Halogen lights are no longer permitted on custom stands.
  • The dimensions and position of your stand will be marked out with tape to show the boundary of your stand.
  • Do not build outside of this perimeter.
  • Reed Exhibitions will not supply any signage for ‘Space Only' stands. Exhibitors are required to provide their own sign showing their stand number.


Exhibitors must complete Task 6 - Custom Stand Form in Exhibitor Hub by the specific due date. Failure to complete will incur Shell Scheme charges.

  • All stand constructions require prior approval at least four weeks before the Event by Reed Exhibitions Operations Manager and the relevant venue before any construction can begin. 
  • If you are using a stand building company please contact them to discuss their responsibility in gaining approval for your stand construction. They will be required to submit copies of their Public Liability & worker comp insurance certificates.
  • An onsite inspection of all Space Only stands will occur at every event to ensure that all stands meet all of the above mentioned requirements.
  • If an exhibitor does not adhere to these policies, they will be charged accordingly.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to inform their contractors of the result.


If your stand is over 2.4m in height, you must notify Reed Exhibitions, through Task 6, in writing and a line drawing must be supplied. The exhibitor behind you will then be notified by Reed Exhibitions and if there are no issues the high stand will be approved.

It is your responsibility to dress the back of the stand in a clean black or white painted finish panel and at no time can there be attached signage looking over or intruding on other exhibitor’s stands. A minimum of 1 metre clearance from the rear or side neighbouring wall must be met for signage or banners sitting higher than 2.4m. 

Approval will not be granted to stands over 4m in height, stands up to 4m in height will require a safe work statement indicating the safe work practice of installation and be approved by the Venue and Reed Exhibitions Operations Manager.


  • Space only stands will be provided with bare concrete floor. To request carpet tiles, please contact the official stand builder
  • All raised floors, steps and ramps within exhibits are to comply with the relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia. Any raised floor sections must be clearly distinguishable from areas of the surrounding floor space.
  • All raised floors up to 115mm will require a suitable and clearly distinguishable ramp from the main exhibition floor. The ramp must be of a gradient no less than 1 to 3 and must be contained within the contracted stand space. Ramps cannot protrude into the nominated aisle way.
  • All raised floors with a height greater than 115mm but less than 190mm from the main exhibition floor level or surrounding platform will be regarded as a step. Although ramped edging is not required, the stand will require a ramp in accordance with the Building ode of Australia.
  • The raised floor sections or ramps must not contain sharp or dangerous edges and must not cause a trip hazard.
  • Disabled access to the stand must be provided.
  • Rugs, cane mats, vinyl or linoleum flooring, tread plate sheets, 5mm clip flooring and carpet tiles over existing carpet all need to have edges tapped down to the existing carpeted surface. A 50mm heavy duty tape or gaffer type tape is advisable.
  • Access must be available for power supply to the distribution board located from the pit on some stands, this must be factored into the design of a stand with flooring of any type.
  • Exhibitors who lay a raised floor are required to supply the appropriate ramped edging to all flooring.


  • Reed Exhibitions will supply no power points or lighting to ‘Space Only' clients. 
  • It is recommended that exhibitors use the official electrical contractors. All electrical work on stands must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor. 
  • If an exhibitor does not use the official electrical contractor and chooses to use their own appointed contractor, power supply MUST be ordered through the official electrical contractors and power consumption paid prior to the start of the exhibition. 
  • Exhibitors are required to book and pay for connection to power boards. DO NOT just plug into ‘vacant' power points. Doing so may cause an overload in the system which could then lead to a fire. 
  • Reed Exhibitions will have all electrical connections inspected and approved by a qualified electrician prior to the event opening. If any exhibitors stand requires alteration or remedian action, this will be done at the exhibitor's cost. 
  • Any structures supplied by the official electrical contractor to hold light or power connection are at the exhibitor's cost. Please contact the contractor with your requirements. 
  • All electrical equipment including lights, appliances, power boards, leads etc used on your stand at all exhibitions must be tested and tagged in accordance with the Australian Standard 3760-2000. This is a statutory requirement. All tags need to be clearly identifiable.


Reed Exhibitions is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our events. We have established a Sustainability Working Group whose aim is to raise awareness of sustainability across our events and lower our carbon footprint.

To support us in our sustainability goals, below are some resources you can utilise in the planning of your stand:

Download Exhibitor Environmental Checklist