We're serious about Sustainability

Net Zero Carbon Events

Decarbonising the events industry, together. At RX, we’re serious about sustainability. We are founding members of the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge to make our company, our events and the wider events industry net zero. We commit to being net zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

In 2023 we published our pathway to net zero, setting out our reduction strategy with key milestones for all our events. Given the complex nature of our supply chain and the emissions associated with a show, it is only by working together as an industry that we will be able to reduce our impact. The RX roadmap to Net Zero sets out how we will reduce carbon emissions and waste at all our events along with supporting venues to make sustainable supplier choices and power our events with clean, renewable energy sources.

To learn more view RX's Net Zero Roadmap

What we are doing to support our sustainability goals at WA Mining

We are working with venues to provide additional waste streams and better signage for waste disposal. 

QR codes will be used for onsite registration, removing the use of paper forms, counters, and labour.

RX offers sustainable stand packages for exhibitor upgrades and have introduced sustainable criteria for custom stand designs to raise awareness and to promote exhibitors to use sustainable alternatives.

All exhibitors and contractors must use LED lighting only. The use of Halogen lights is now banned.

We strive to use products that have a full life cycle that come from and can be recycled. We encourage our exhibitors to do the same. 

We encourage exhibitors to hire as many components for their stand as possible where the items can be re-used. 

Lanyards are made from recycled plant stems of grain crops. Fabric is both biodegradable and sustainable using no toxins or chemicals during the manufacturing process. 

Digital signage is used for event features where possible, and we strive to reuse all printed signage as much as possible for future events.

Our event guide is now digital and easy to access from your device of choice.

Our bags are environmentally friendly coloured cotton bags, there are no toxins or chemicals during the manufacturing process.

How can you be more sustainable at WA Mining?

Use public transport to and from our event.

Access the floorplan, exhibitor list, and agenda on our Digital Event Guide from your phone.

Use the designated recycle bins around the show floor to dispose of your waste.

Recycle your lanyards as you leave the event by dropping them in the provided container.

Join us on our Path To Sustainability - every step together counts towards creating a more sustainable future.